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Blood and Silver



As an ex-soldier and freelance fixer, Danny Gunn is no stranger to violence. Together with his older brother Clay, the pair return to Miami after Danny’s new girlfriend, Chrissie Haims, is found brutally murdered. Her house is torn asunder, but the house invasion gone wrong explanation doesn’t sit well with Danny. In clearing his name, Danny Gunn puts himself on the radar of two Miami detectives, Anderson and Brockovich. The stakes have never been higher for the Gunn brothers as they face mortal danger, from not one but two deadly gangs. On one side; the Southern Unification, an ultra-right brotherhood sworn to violent retribution. On the other side; a wild band of thrill-seeking treasure hunters who care nothing for the law. The Gunn brothers have faced death many times before as combat soldiers, but this threat is much closer to home. From the back streets of Miami to the wild and untamed Everglades, the brothers tangle with their deadliest opponents yet.

What is it about me? I guess it's my award winning smile and my undeniable propensity for violence.

 Danny Gunn.


I never killed anyone that didn't need killing.

Clay Gunn.

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