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James lives in the rugged but beautiful North of England with his wife Wendy.
He is the author of various genre collections plus has been published in various fan favourite anthologies.

Alongside his older brother Matt Hilton (author of the bestselling Joe Hunter Thrillers), James trained in the martial arts since the age of 11, first in the strict routines of Shotokan Karate, Kung Fu & Boxing then later in the very effective combat style of Kempo JuJitsu. James is currently ranked as a 4th dan Blackbelt and teaches private classes in Kempo Concepts Martial Arts.

His love of martial arts in all of their variations, both eastern & world arts has driven him to study arts from Europe, Japan, China, Indonesia and America.

His other passions include visiting Florida and the Caribbean, reading horror, suspense and action thrillers.

He is currently working on the next book in the 'Gunn Brothers Thriller' series, writing a stand alone horror novel and also researching material for the first book in a planned YA series.                

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