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How Stephen King helped me get published!

Not THE Stephen King you may ask, but yes the one and the same.

Through serendipity or good luck and a tail wind, the publishing company I submitted my novel to (Titan Books) had recently published the NY Times Bestselling novel JOYLAND by Stephen King. Stephen is by all accounts a fan of the Titan back catalogue (and who can blame him for that?) and thought Titan could give his tale of carneys and murder a good home. He was right.

Joyland sold well and Titan, being a forward thinking company, decided to invest in some new and upcoming authors. Well, you may be able to work out where I come in.

My initial MS was edited by a wonderful lady called Kirstie Long, to whom I will be eternally grateful. Titan Books accepted my MS after some further editing and a character name change. I was signed for three novels, all featuring the Gunn Brothers, Danny & Clay.

The novels in publication order are:

Search and Destroy

Fight or Die

Pray For Death

The books can read in any order, each being a stand alone adventure.

I'm not sure if Mr King has read my novel as yet, ( I certainly have read many of his!) but when I meet him in the future I will certainly shake his hand. It's not every day the most famous writer in the world gives you a hand up the ladder!

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